Evolis R2016-17 monochrome metalic

The R2016et R2017 Ribbon can print 1000 faces in metallic monochrome. It is compatible with the Evolis brand's Pebble, Dualys, Quamtum, Securion printers.

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CHF 68.50 HT

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Monochrome printing uses a single color. This is a very cost-effective process for personalizing pre-printed cards.

It stands as the ideal solution for cards that do not require color personal elements such as a picture.

Save money with the Evolis' Ribbon saver feature

When you use an Evolis monochrome ribbon and thanks to our ribbon saver feature, you significantly increase the number of cards to be printed with one single ribbon.
Indeed, the surface used on the ribbon corresponds to the real printed surface plus a 7 mm jump and not the surface of a whole card:

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